“It all began with the forest. Our heritage, our future.”


This precept, a veritable call to arms in favour of sustainable development, is the fundamental principle that guides all the actions and activities of the Charlois Group.


Having long adopted ethical and sustainable operating practices, the Charlois Group systematically integrates social, economic and environmental concerns into its business model and its relations with its partners. This also takes the form of philanthropic actions both in society and in support of numerous associations.


Respect for the environment and the protection of biodiversity are core priorities for the Group, whose different branches assure the origin and traceability of all forest raw materials. Indeed, the Group’s cooperages are the only ones entitled to use the “Guaranteed of French Origin” label. And this approach extends to the offcuts which are wholly recovered throughout the manufacturing process and used as a fuel source or for making furniture, so nothing is wasted.


This commitment to the environment also takes the form of a vast tree-planting project, launched in 2019, of a projected 37,000 trees to be planted in France every year, over a period of ten years.


Promoting economic growth through activities linked to the forest whilst guaranteeing the sustainability of wood resources for the generations to come is the hallmark of the Charlois Group and its founder. They also place great importance on the transmission of skills, and the celebration, in both social and cultural terms, of the exceptional craftsmanship of their workers.


Adherence to PEFC and ISO 14001 standards


Limiting the environmental impact of the Group’s activities


Complete utilization of raw materials


A multi-year tree planting programme


An organic vegetable plot for the company’s restaurant


Supporting internal evolution


Guaranteeing health and safety at work


Promoting diversity and equal opportunities


Optimizing employee travel via organized car sharing



Strong roots in the region and the community


Encouraging local economic development, and short distribution channels.


Support for local cultural, social and sporting figures and initiatives


The promotion of artisans and excellence of craftsmanship


Patronage and philanthropic actions


Guaranteed forest provenance and traceability


Natural open-air stave seasoning


A “Guaranteed of French Origin” label for the Group’s coopers


HACCP certification


ISO 9001 accreditation


COFRAC accredited laboratory


Relationships built on trust