Attachment to the territory
La Chênaie - a responsible brand Custom coffret fully manufactured in Nièvre June 3, 2019

With the launch of its new range of ultra hydrating skincare with Pétrasève®, La Chênaie offered to its sales representatives a new luxury case to present its recent cosmetic innovations.


Coffrets have been manufactured by craftmen from the Nièvre in the colors of the new range of skincare with Pétrasève®. Oak coffrets made by the Coffrets du Morvan (Aunay-en-Bazois) have then been enhanced by a superb marquetry created by François Timoleonthos from the drawing designed by Louis Charlois for La Chênaie. Leather components have been made by LGM Sellier (Champlemy).


Thank to this coffret, ultra hydrating skincare with Pétrasève® have found a luxury case for the precious fluid they contain.